Let's Start Giving Foundation

Let's Start Giving Foundation

Showing Each Family or Individual That We Help That They Matter

Our Mission

At Let's Start Giving Foundation, we move to provide persons at risk of or experiencing homelessness with essential day-to-day needs. We make this possible through individual donations and partnerships with local businesses and community agencies.

We Can Make a Difference

As we promote programs meant to alleviate poverty and homelessness in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas communities, we hope to inspire more people to follow the example set by our founder, Alaia Stinson. Let’s Start Giving Foundation is her attempt to show how one person can affect many.

Let's Align With Alaia's Goals

Our organization was founded by Alaia when she was but a nine-year-old fourth grader attending school in Cedar Hill, Texas. Three years ago, she told her parents her vision of helping impoverished people. This came to her after personally witnessing how homeless families lived in the streets whenever she and her family went out dining or sightseeing in downtown Dallas.

Alaia is passionate about spending time with her family, working hard to be a model student, and helping other people. She believes that no one should be homeless or without any of the things necessary to live daily life. Poverty and homelessness are harsh realities that Alaia wishes to address.

By founding Let’s Start Giving Foundation, she aims to accomplish her mission, one step at a time. One of her short-term goals is to provide homeless and low-income families with items that they need each day, such as food, toiletries, and other day-to-day essentials.

Her long-term goal for the organization is to provide housing for those at risk of or experiencing homelessness. While she understands that it will take a little bit more time and dedication for her to reach this goal, she wants to start now.

Inspire Like-Minded Community Members

Suffice to say, we are encouraged even more to help Alaia fulfill her mission. It is in this light that we appeal to kind and generous residents and business owners. Make donations in cash or in kind so that we may continue what we do at LSGF.